THKS 2024 Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission

The abstract submission system is accessible through ASIA-THKS-AAA congress portal at from 1 April 2024. THKS does not accept resubmissions. Only abstracts submitted electronically will be considered.

Abstracts must reflect original, unpublished work. THKS prioritizes ethical research conduct and prohibits any form of plagiarism or fraudulent activities such as data fabrication or falsification. Submissions must categorize the type of study as hip arthroplasty or knee arthroplasty session and select one presentation format from oral presentation or E-Poster.

THKS reserves the right to allocate abstracts as deemed necessary. There is no limit on the number of submissions per author or group. Duplicate submissions will be automatically withdrawn.

The qualified presented papers will be selected to publish in proceeding of "Arthroplasty". This journal is affiliated with the Arthroplasty Society in Asia. By submitting the abstract, the authors will be acknowledged that your abstract may be selected for inclusion in the conference proceedings and for public publication under Open Access (copyright by author, following CC BY 4.0 License, consistent with the journal). Abstracts selected for inclusion will pass editorial formatting/editing, but no changes or retractions will be accepted from the authors. For further information, please visit the journal website


Information on abstract acceptance

Author and co-authors will receive acceptance/rejection notification on 1 October 2024. The presenting author of a selected abstract must undertake the meeting and present the abstract in session and at the time designated by THKS scientific committee. Each presenting author for ASIA-THKS-AAA is required to complete full registration for the congress to validate their abstracts in the final scientific program. The deadline for registration of presenting authors is November 14, 2024, at 23:59 GMT+7.

Oral presentations

Abstracts accepted as Free Papers are presented orally within scientific sessions embedded in the core meeting program. Very high scientific quality is expected from these presentations, which should correspond to complete studies with outstanding results and innovative conclusions.

E-Poster presentations

All abstracts accepted as posters will be presented at the meeting as E- posters. Authors are welcome to add images, tables and detailed data to better document their work. All E-posters will be shown electronically with search functionally in the meeting venue at the E-poster stations. The selected authors will be informed personally prior to the meeting

  • E-posters will be available during the entire meeting in the E-poster area at the meeting venue.
  • E-poster presentations may include up to 10 slides (landscape format) offering information structured as follows: Background & Aims, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion
  • PDF and PowerPoint formats are accepted. Videos may also be included.
  • Authors with accepted as poster and confirmed registration for the meeting are required to upload their E-poster file no later than 14 November 2024 at E-poster uploading onsite is not accepted
  • Please use the username and password you have already received with your abstract confirmation to log on and access the upload section.
  • Authors are welcome to state their availability to discuss their E-poster with interested meeting participants at the E-poster meeting point.

Abstract guideline

  1. Must not exceed 350 words including title
  2. Restricted to only ONE page
  3. Font size & type: 12 Times New Roman
  4. Spacing and Alignment: Single spacing and justified fields.
  5. Figure / Table: Up to 3 figures including graphs and tables, etc. are allowed for review only. Those will be removed in the final proceedings article. (Font size within the figures must be clearly visible and must not be less than size 10)
  6. Margin: 0.75” (1.9 cm) margin
  7. If the abstract contains identifiers e.g. name of hospital in the text body, the authors need to underline them in order for the secretariat to omit them when it is sent for evaluation
  8. File submitted must be in Word document not more than 2.5 MB
  9. Final poster presentations may have more tables and charts than the successful abstracts
  10. Base your conclusions only on the data presented within the abstract
  11. Give actual P values rather stating P < 0.05
  12. Try to ensure the English correctly conveys the intended meaning—if English is not your first language it may be useful to ask someone to review your abstract before submitting

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions : Can I submit more than 1 abstract?
Answer : Yes, you may submit more than 1 abstract. The account login you create will allow you to submit multiple abstracts
Questions : Which email should I use to create the account?
Answer : When you create your account, the email you use should be the same email for all correspondence and e-certificates to be delivered to
Questions : What happens after abstract submission deadline closes?
Answer :
  1. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee
  2. The Committee reserves the right to select the abstracts relevant to the sessions and decide on the final form of presentation
  3. The results will be announced after the 1 October 2024
  4. All successful abstract submitters and award finalists must complete the registration process on their online account before the 14 November 2024 to qualify and present during the meeting

Terms and Conditions

  1. The research work submitted must be conducted substantially by the applicant
  2. The work must be original and must not have been published previously
  3. All successful abstracts which are accepted for oral and e-poster presentation agrees that their oral and e-poster will be presented during the meeting. The oral and e-poster will become the permanent property of THKS and may be read, download, copy, print, search and distributed; provided the authors are properly acknowledged and cited
  4. Please refer to conference website for the latest information. Conference website content will supersede this announcement as the planning of the meeting progresses